Daily For
15 Days

Min : $10

Max : $250


Daily for
35 Days

Min : $20000

Max : $50000


Daily for
55 Days

Min : $10000

Max : $50000


After 35
Business Days

Min : $20000

Max : $50000


After 55
Business Days

Min : $10000

Max : $50000


After 15
Business Days

Min : $35000

Max : $50000


After 25
Business Days

Min : $25000

Max : $50000


After 100
Business Days

Min : $500

Max : $10000



To become an official member of CRYPTO KINGDOM, you must complete the registration process. It will take only some minutes from you. In order to register yourself as a member of CRYPTO KINGDOM, click on the "Open An Account" button, after which you will be taken to the page with the registration form. Having the registration procedure registration is important that you kept your registration data on an enter to the Personal area in a safe place.


To make a deposit, sign in to your CRYPTO KINGDOM, go to the "Make Deposit" section, Select an investment plan, which is interesting for you, and click "Make Deposit", confirm it and you'll be redirected to the payment system website. Attention! Check that the amount which you want to invest corresponded to the range of amounts on the investment plan chosen by you. Further choose that electronic payment system with which you intend to make a contribution to the program. Confirm this choice. After you confirm the choice, the system will automatically redirect you on the site of the payment system chosen by you. After you logged in and effected a transaction, please, click "Return To Merchant" and you'll return to our company's website again. Your deposit will be credited to the investment plan, which you've chosen.


Earnings for your deposit will be added to your CRYPTO KINGDOM account as per the plan you chose to invest in. Your earnings is depending from your investment plan and can be in "Daily basis" or "at the end of investment term". If you choose Daily plans you will get your profit every day, 7 days per week, initial capital back at the end of investment term. For "Accumulator" and "VIP" plans which includes both your principal amount and profits, which means that your principal amount will not be returned separately. To calculate your earnings please use our Profit Calculator.


To withdraw your earnings or referral commissions from your CRYPTO KINGDOM account, go to the "Withdraw" section, fill in the withdrawal details, and click on the "Withdraw" button. Your withdrawal request will be processed in the fastest timeframe possible, as per the online availability of our support staff, it can be take up to 36 hours.

We pay your attention that you can withdraw funds only to ewallet of that electronic payment system with which you did the deposit. For example, if you made a deposit to the program using a Payeer electronic payment system, you can't create request for a withdrawal, having specified in such request of the Perfect Money or Bitcoin's ewallets. In more detail with investment plans, range of amounts, and also about of the full list of the electronic payment systems accepted for payment, you, besides, can read in the "FAQ" section.



Don't forget that you are a participant of the contract that is offered when registering as an open offer available online without limitations for people who have reached the age that is considered legally acceptable for signing contracts according to the legislation of their country. When violating this or any other conditions of the main agreement you cannot rely on protecting your rights and providing all website options in the full amount for the duration that has been agreed upon.

Our company takes up the responsibility on managing finances provided to us by investors on the conditions that are offered on the page of investment plans. The company is responsible for fulfilling these conditions within the options specified in the TOS. The investment offer made by the company is an open and equally accessible to everyone through the main site ( Each investor voluntarily agrees to it, considering publicly available information about CRYPTO KINGDOM company. Each investor understands that the company’s investment offer is an investment that includes risks specified in the TOS as force majeures circumstances. CRYPTO KINGDOM does not recommend to invest more that you can afford losing. We have developed ideal conditions not only for passive earnings but also for active multiplication of earnings and receiving profits together with us. Each and everyone who supports our company and helps it in its development receives a ticket into the world of unlimited financial opportunities, most valuable experience and… truly high income from investments that can be very well considered symbolic investments.

You can also use the website completely free, as well as make money without investments using our partner and representative programs. Participating in these programs does not make you personally invest anything, and does not depend on the results of the work of CRYPTO KINGDOM.

CRYPTO KINGDOM has a mission of changing the possibilities of the modern world, developing the opportunities of applying scientific achievements and success to resolve financial tasks together with long-term general human tasks. Tomorrow’s future is set up today and we, due to our unique group scientific knowledge can create this future for ourselves. Joining these opportunities that we have you support their implementation and are participating in a unique combination of mass virtual investments and real scientific progress.

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